Tuesday, April 7, 2015


EuroVoc is a multilingual, multidisciplinary thesaurus that covers the activities of the EU. Terms are available in 23 languages plus Serbian. Although you can use it to search for terms and their translation, I find that what EuroVoc is great for is building glossaries and termbases, or for study purposes.

In fact, you can browse the site by subject and search by domain.

By clicking on each domain, you have access to the subdomains. Here are some examples.

By clicking on the subdomain you have access to all the terms available for that subdomain.

You’ll see some letters before the terms. Those are abbreviations that help us identify the relationship between terms; we have terms with associative relationship (RT), equivalence relationship (UF, USE), hierarchical relationship (BT, NT), etc.

Anything you click on this page will take you to a page with a multilingual view. So on the left there are other related terms, and on the right the translation of the selected term in all available languages.

This was a brief overview of how to navigate EuroVoc. As I said, the website is great for study and terminology purposes. For more in depth knowledge you can visit the website and become familiar with what it offers and how it works.

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